Why buy online

From the moment we decided to open this e-shop, we understood that in this way we broaden our business in space and time. We arrive throughout Italy, 24 hours a day!

For those who want to, during office hours our staff is ready to answer any doubt or clarification. We combine the assistance of a traditional store with the power of the internet, because our best reward is to know that the customer speaks well of us!


"I understand ... but when the goods arrive to me? In the shop I buy and I immediately have my item!"

True! But every day we commit to send your purchase as soon as possible and, if you order before 13, we can send the same day giving you the opportunity to wait only 1 day before receiving the goods. We use as a courier GLS because chosen by our customers and because it can almost always deliver two days after the order!

Payment Security

"Yes, but ... I do not trust to enter my credit card information on the internet"

We guarantee the protection of data that you enter on our site. Such as? Our staff in no way can see card data that is never stored on our servers. We use an external payment circuit just like the physical store but, unlike in-store payments, our staff never come into contact with credit card information. Beyond that, curadellabarba.it also offers the possibility of buying using your Amazon account or PayPal. In both cases, our staff sees only the confirmation of payment and nothing else!

Still you are not calm ??? No problem, you can request payment by bank transfer, but accepting a slight delay in the delivery of the chosen goods.

Right of Withdrawal and Guarantee

"And if what I bought did not like it then?"

Both the italian law (D.Lgs. 206/2005) and the Civil Code provide protection for consumers (no VAT number), depending on the place where the commercial transaction is completed. In the case of distance buying and selling (so-called "Contracts negotiated away from business premises"), such as online purchases, the consumer is granted a series of additional rights compared to those provided for by ordinary regulations.

To exercise the right of withdrawal for goods purchased on curadellabarba.it, it is sufficient to inform us of this intention within 14 days of purchase by email to: [email protected] explicitly requesting confirmation of receipt within the following 48 hours.

For the assets in which it is applicable, there is also a 24-month legal guarantee.