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With a mint flavor, it is pleasant to the palate and above all, it is effective in preventing mouth problems, it does not contain fluoride or parabens. The packaging is still the original one, with a touch of retro design that made it unmistakable.

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The first formula of Couto toothpaste was registered in 1932, by Doctor Alberto Ferreira do Couto, a Portuguese pharmacist. It was the first toothpaste born with the intention of limiting the widespread cases of gingival inflammation without compromising the well-being of the teeth. Success since then is guaranteed thanks to the quality of the product, despite the tight competition with products that are often more winking but inevitably more chemical and less effective. Even today, the Portuguese elders say "Couto Paste" as a synonym for toothpaste. The production is still in the hands of the last heir of the Coutos, Alberto Gomes da Silva to whom all the family secrets have been handed down so that the special formulation would not be lost. In the nineteenth century, tubes of toothpaste were made by doctors and chemists who paid little attention to the pleasantness of the product, they used powders derived from bricks or even cuttlefish. Not a big step forward compared to what the ancient Romans or the Egyptians already did, with ox hoof dust or the dust of oyster shells. Couto was among the first to switch from hard and irritating powders to a smooth paste with a delicate glycerine base.

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